Company Profile

Mission Statement

A veteran owned business, BCTL’s mission is to be the world leader in providing data collection, geolocation and reporting software products for Department of Defense and Commercial clients. The MYSTIC family of products is designed to optimize field operations, making project oversight and workflow reporting more efficient. BCTL was founded in 2010, and is headquartered in Tampa, Florida with offices in Washington, California, and Virginia.

Our Team

John Matta


- 35 Years of Commercial Industry


- 6 Year Navy Veteran, US Navy

  Diver, with 4 years of EOD Support

- 7 Years as President of Battlefield

   Clearance Team Serving the

  UXO/MEC Community

- 5 Years of M.Y.S.T.I.C. - UXO/MEC

  Program Development

Phil Knobel

Vice President

- 27 Year Navy Veteran, US Navy Deep

  Sea Diver, Certified Master Training

  Specialist with 17 Years of Global

  EOD Support.

- 5 Years of Counterterrorism/Counter

   Proliferation Project Management

- 2 Years of Department of Defense

  Special Operations Platform/Field


- 4 Years of M.Y.S.T.I.C. - UXO/MEC

  Program Development

Davin Strang

Director of Operations

- 24 Year Navy Veteran, US Navy Deep

  Sea Diver, Certified Master Training

  Specialist with 16 Years of Global

  EOD Support.

- 4 Years as a Navy EOD lead diving


- 3 Years of Department of Defense

   Special Operations Mission Planning

- 1 Year of M.Y.S.T.I.C. - UXO/MEC

  Program Development

Amy Darling

VP of Engineering

- 30 Years of Software Management

  Experience Focused on Start Ups

  Building Exceptional Teams

  Meeting Aggressive Execution and

  Delivery Requirements at Nest,

  Cognex, Ditto Labs, and others

- B.S., M.S. Computer Science, M.B.A.

  Carnegie Mellon University,

  Tufts Univeristy, Babson College

- Patent holder in digital imaging

  and published C++ author

Bret Simister

VP of Product

- Over 30 Years of Product Design and

  Engineering experience at companies

  such as Apple, Excite, Nest,

  and Google. Founder and fellow

  at Laszlo Systems, Inc.

- B.S. in Computer Science and Math

  B.S. in Physics from UC Davis

- Patent Holder in Various Design and

  Engineering Areas in Software,

  Mobile Apps, Interactive TV, IoT,

  and more

Philip Romanik

Chief Software Architect

- 32 Years of Software Development

  Expertise across Client/Server, Mobile,

  Embedded Systems Technologies at

  Nest, Microsoft, Cognex, and others.

- 7 Issued Patents in Digital Imaging,

  and numerous publications

- Massachusetts Institute of Technology

  Univ. of Rochester, RIT

  S.B., M.S. Chemical Engineering

  M.S. Electrical Engineering

  P.E. License NY State


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